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In 2020, I went solo camping in Kananaskis country. On my first night, I wanted to be near a fire but felt a seed of self-consciousness burrowed in my chest about starting one on my own. It had rained during the day and I was unsure if I was going to be able to get one started. 

I walked to the fire pit and swatted away the wisps of doubt. The pit was wetter than I anticipated and it wasn't long before I realized my efforts were only going so far. Another camper walked up to the cluster of benches and seemed surprised to see me crouched on my elbows and knees. 

"Mind if I join?" 

I nodded. "Not much going on."

"I have some of those fire starter cheat things if you wanna try?"

I nodded again. She disappeared behind the barcode of trees and reemerged with a coal-like cube pinched between her fingers. Together we nursed the spark from the lighter into a blaze that threatened to singe our too-close skin.

I laid down on the bench behind me and stared at the speckled bowl the night sky had become. A million and one twinkling white dots clustered here and there– and every so often, I'd catch movement in my periphery. Shooting stars.

Yuka in Inuktitut means 'bright star.' That night, I saw many. But none were as bright as the meteor's that rained down. No– they're not stars. But that first night camping alone, you could have fooled me.

Measures 12cm in length. Made with 0/11 Miyuki delica beads and stainless steel hooks.

Product is carefully inspected prior to packaging and shipping but please take a close look before you buy. The earrings you see are the earrings that will be sent to you.