Indigenous made earrings with a story

Stories unite me to you. Him to her. Us to them. We watch our lives unfold in ways that seem unique to us as individuals– and perhaps they are. But our unique circumstances can convince us we are alone in our realities and that we must endure in solitude.

In each pair of earrings, I weave together bead after bead to create something more grandiose than what a single bead could accomplish on its own. It takes a community to make something great. And in our shared experiences we're reminded that together, we are exactly that.

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  • Why do you do it?

    To heal, to share, to create, to fiddle about with too small beads with my too big fingers. But mostly, I make earrings to remind you (and me) there's a story behind everything and everyone we interact with.

  • Who can wear them?

    Anyone. Everyone. Their mama's and papa's too. Even if you're not Indigenous. By appreciating Indigenous culture, we have more room to expand and flourish in an institution that has long prevented us from doing so.

  • How do you create?

    On a felt beading mat with hours of time, a distorted needle I'm too lazy to replace, and an idea gifted to me from wherever ideas come from.

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